martedì 15 aprile 2014

First Italian Cup in Rome

The first Italian Cup was really good. The organisation was perfect and everithig went well. I have never seen an Italian Cup with soo many people in Qualification. I was already qualified for the Semifinal. Semifinal was good and I managed to climb 3 of 4 problems. So i entered into finals as second behind Gabriele Moroni. After semis it started to rain but luckily the most spectators staied there to watch finals. In finals we started with a hard slab, my foot slipped at the last moves.

Second problem was amazing, a really huge jump and than a loong move to a small hold. I did the jump, but was not able to grab the next hold.

Third problem was easy for me and I flashed it. Fourth was good some endurance and than a big jump to the top. I was able to flash also this problem and finished on the second place. The hard training over the last months is starting to give me some satisfactions. Now some relax and than off to China!!!!

giovedì 7 novembre 2013

Review of the last months!!

Lest start with the Boulder Worldcup in Munich. The routesetting was good but I was not in a good shape and a little bit unlucky, so I finished 21th. Afther Munich we went to Eidhoven, but also there my shape was not good. So the day afther qualifications we went to the gym to train. Training was good but my body was empty I needed some rest. The problem was that 4 days after I was in Arco for the Rock Master. I did the open and finished 6th, first out of finals. Than the weekend after Rock Master I was in Stuttgart for the Adidas rockstars. There I felt better and qualification went well and I topped all problems. In semifinals the temperature was too hot and I did nothing. Afther Stuttgart I did a 2 weeks brake and I recovered a little bit.
This weekend I was in Modena for the Italian Championship. It was a good comp the routesetting was not the best but also not so bad. In qualifications I did two tops and entered in finals as second. In finals I did 3 tops in 7 and also Michael did 3 in 7 but he was first in qualification and so he won. This weekend I have my last competition for this year and then some rest.

Here some pics of the last comps:

mercoledì 12 giugno 2013

Worldcup Toronto and Vail

My first trip to America! It was really great. Toronto was good the City is not so nice but the comp was good. In qualification it was really hot and the problems where queit hard and I did 2 of 5. In semifinal the temperature changed and it was normal but the problems where really hard and I finished on 18th position.
The next day I went to watch the Niagara Falls. They are really amazing and huge.
Than my flight started and I went to Boulder. The Gym is really good and the problems also. I trained there for two days and then I went to Vail. Vail is a touristic place with big hotels and a lot of shops. To climb there was for me really hard and I had some problems with the high altitude. I managed to climb 3 of 5 problems and I finished on the 21th place. The first out of the semifinal. Now I'm back home. It was a great experience and now I'm ready to start again my training.