mercoledì 21 febbraio 2018

Short trip to Varazze

So last week the AVS Landeskader our regional group went to Varazze for three days.
The weather was perfect really cold, sunny and windy.
I wanted to try Giulia a really nice polished 8a near the river.
I cleaned the whole stone and prepared the landing than I tried it and somehow i was standing on top and did it on my first go (flash).
Later this day I did Fortunadrago 8a+/8b in a couple of tries.
For me one of the best boulders here in Varazze.
The last day after many tries I did also Alphacentauri 8a+/8b.
It was really nice to climb with so many kids which are so strong and motivated.

Alphacentauri 8a+/8b

Giulia 8a

venerdì 12 gennaio 2018

Review Year 2017

The year 2017 was a strange year. At the begining I had some problems whith an injury and was not able to compete. But than I started to climb on rocks and had a lot of fun. This year I want to write again more and make more posts here some of the best shots of 2017:

martedì 12 gennaio 2016

Varazze 2016 New Year

An amazing trip has come to an end. We went for ten days to Varazze to try some classics.

My shape was good and I did a lot of problems like: Gioia stand, Tai Lung, Rampage, Alphacentauri stand...

The first days I tried Gioia stand, I did some good attempts but was not able to send it.

Than we went to Rampage an amazing line with perfect crimps and after some tryies I did it.

The first of the year I went to try Gioia stand and in a night session I was able to make the ascent!!

The days where perfect and I want to thank my friends the "Team SUC".

Now it's time to train hard to get in the right mood for the World Cups.

 Gioia stand
 Scacco al re nero
 Alphacentauri stand
Tai Lung