martedì 12 gennaio 2016

Varazze 2016 New Year

An amazing trip has come to an end. We went for ten days to Varazze to try some classics.

My shape was good and I did a lot of problems like: Gioia stand, Tai Lung, Rampage, Alphacentauri stand...

The first days I tried Gioia stand, I did some good attempts but was not able to send it.

Than we went to Rampage an amazing line with perfect crimps and after some tryies I did it.

The first of the year I went to try Gioia stand and in a night session I was able to make the ascent!!

The days where perfect and I want to thank my friends the "Team SUC".

Now it's time to train hard to get in the right mood for the World Cups.

 Gioia stand
 Scacco al re nero
 Alphacentauri stand
Tai Lung

domenica 5 luglio 2015

Toronto Vail Chongquing Haiyang

So this short season is nearly over. The Worldcups where good but my climbing was bad.
So also this year I saw new places and had a lot of fun with my friends. Lets start from Toronto. It was a great comp and also my climbing was good. I was close to go to finals and finished 14th. Than we went straight to Boulder to chill some days. We went to climb on rocks in RMNP. It was great we had a nice day in the mountains. Than it was again comp time in Vail. Vail is always great but my performance is alwasys bad. The Go Pro mountain games are always great and we had a lot of fun.
We went back to Italy for one week and than on to Chongquing for the next stage. The weather is hot and humid. The Wall was nice but again I was out of the semifinal. My climbing was not bad but the athletes are getting stronger and more. Afther Chongquing we went to Qingdao to spend the freetime. It was great to see some Chinese culture and life. The next stage was Haiyang a ghost city. There is nowbody only this big hotel a lot of empty buildings and the climbing wall. The wall is quiet old and not so nice and also my climbing was bad. So this is a short summary of the las month. Now it's time to train again and find again a good shape for Munich.

martedì 19 maggio 2015

European Championship Innsbruck

So it was an amazing weekend.
Everything started on tuesday with the qualification.
I starded really late because I had no points from last year.
It was very hot but I managed to flash 3 problems and entered to the semifinal as 20th.
The next day was a rainy day and it was cold. In the semifinal I did only one problem and I thought I would not be in finals. But after some time and a lot of climbers did no top, I was thniking it could work. So I enterd to finals as last and had no expectations. Problem one was hard but was possible, but at the end only Ondra climbed it. The second one was a blind jump to a good jug, but I wasn't even close to hold it.
Lets speak about the third one "The white problem":
I looked at it and I know that I had to do it.
The first 3 tries where bad but than on the fourth try I was really close to hold the bonus.
The fifth try was amazing I took the bonus and everyone was shouting but than somehow I grabbed the top and matched it..... It was amazing 3th place!!!!